JR Zine 3

I don't know much about Moomin but this game looks so chill and relaxing. I want it so much and it doesn't release until 2023. I must be patient. 😮‍💨

I'm going through the games on this page. They're all very strange and experimental. I'm going to share a few of my favorites and why I like them.

by Mémoire Vivante

In a dystopian setting, an unnamed character reads news about the crumbling upper society. There are also interludes that explain more about the rebels groups and a “weapon”.

Such an incredible atmosphere and narrative is made from pixel art, music and text. A very short experience too, I highly recommend this.

by slipperman

The game explores rumors and stories around the construction of an underground subway system. Very unsettling for something that is just text, images and links. The ditherpunk art is simple yet evocative.