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Here is what I have been up to...


Diary Log 3/30 to 4/2

Diary Log 4/4-4/8 2022

I tried out Mastodon for a bit but its not really for me I think. 

I also made a gemini capsule. There are 6 sections including a Guestbook. The one that is the most interesting to folks seems to be the Solarpunk section.

I started 750 Words, which is a daily challenge to type about 3 pages. Lots of fun thing like badges, monthly challenges and metrics that measure what you are writing. I maxed out at a 10 day streak but allergies go in the way and I missed a few days.

I've been posting near daily on Dreamwidth. A sampling of my posts:

Weekly Media Wrap Up - 4/22/22

My Favorite Graphic Novels as of 2022 (4/23/22)

Weekly Adulting Progress - 4/23/22

- Journaling Meme part one, part two, part three

Week One 3W4D Blogging Questionnaire

Weekly Media Wrap Up - 4/29/22

I have a few readathons such as Translatathon coming up in May. I also have some interesting solarpunk things coming up. I don't know if I will go back to Multiverse, I really enjoy my gemini capsule and Dreamwidth.

What have y'all been up to this April?

Reading Plans for May

Mastodon SFF Reading Club

Translateathon Round 6


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