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1/20/12022 HE

Teclis - Non-commercial Web Search is awesome. I searched cat and got so much "random" wiki links and other sites that wasn't decade old news or a cat food company. So fun. Reminds me of ye old search engine.

Geometry Land ( - Such an interesting site where you can play around with 3d shapes.

Church of the Holy Algorithm (

hello internet ( - a promising beginning, I hope more happens.

incessantpain ( - NSFW but such an interesting deep dive into someone's mind

KNH ( - Karithina's Nostalgia Hole, go here if you want Creatures and Petz nostalgia.

1/15/12022 HE

1/14/12022 HE

I was trying to take a break today regarding this, just spend time on one page that was very detailed and somehow, I ended finding a bunch of different great smol web things. 

Website Listings/Webrings:

List-Me.Com / A free non-elite website directory

Nerd Listings – Just Your Average Everyday Site Listing

Smooth Sailing Listings (


Hotline Webring

null webring (

Personal Sites:

🐌 Republic of Vannania ( 🐌 - Arts, crafts, and a personal blog.

💾OH.MG - OH.MG💾 - An awesome site that is very old, retro style and has lots of old web stuff such as gopher and a BBS. 

Just Geeking By • A Pop Culture Blog ( - Book blog at the moment, need to add this to my bookish blog roll when the time comes.

Once again... a woman's left unsatisfied. ... MidnightCloudNet 05 (


A.N. Lucas's 88x31 button Collection (

Mab's Land: Where only the cute survive. ( - Ancient (last update 2008) and the source of the web rating panda girls.

FAERiEPUNK: the sparkliest rebellion


Web Resources:

A lovely website with buttons, glitter text and layouts to use on your own website.

CSS-Tricks - Tips, Tricks, and Techniques on using Cascading Style Sheets.

GenerateIt - Image Tools, Website Tools, CSS Tools, SEO Tools - You can generate website layouts and many other things.

iLoveIMG | The fastest free web app for easy image modification.

Totally Free Cursors | 13,388 Free Cursors

Glitter Text Online - Glitter Text - Glitter Text Generator - Glitter Text Maker

1/13/12022 HE

Today's Exploration - 1/12/12022 HE