A Slow Life, DIY Media and the Indie Web

A Manifesto since all the cool kids have one

This isn't purely about the smol web, however it is the most visible and intentionally expressive part of me strangers will see. So what am I about? What is this space about?

Who is JR?

Labels: Central American diaspora, South Vietnamese diaspora; Middle Aged, Neuroatypical (possible autism, working on anxiety), Genderqueer, Aro/Ace Spectrum (probably gray for both), Fat

My Priorities:

  1. "Bad Art"
    1. Make
      1. zines (physical and digital)
      2. learn more skills like HTML/CSS
    2. Why
      1. creativity
      2. relieve stress
      3. learn new skills
      4. freedom to drop things that aren't working or that I don't like
    3. By Others
      1. Love it, pay for it, boost it, archive it
      2. Art from "the top" is not for me, not for most people, aims to instill values that propogate things that do not benefit me and mine, and a lot of it sucks
      3. There is such much beautiful art I will never see, stuff not made coporate execs
    4. For the young kid who saw the wonder and creativity of the old web and wondered what would be possible decades down the line. Most of that stuff is in the indie/diy/bad art scene, not corporate art.
    5. Links
      1. DIY Media – ~ajroach42.com - It’s not just entertainment, it’s a movement.
      2. One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age | Digging through the Geocities Torrent
      3. You Should Check Out the Indie Web - by You've Got Kat on YouTube
      4. 🛋 SOFA (tilde.town) 
      5. LOOSE POOPS | artist collective (tilde.town)
      6. coolguy.website
      7. Home Sweet Homepage
  2. DIY/smol/indie/community Web and Tech
    1. Why
      1. I'm tired of tech designed to be thrown away
        1. Framework
        2. The Repair Association
          1. How to Build a Low-tech Internet
          2. How and Why I Stopped Buying New Laptops
          3. The Right to 35 Mobiles
          4. Why We Need a Speed Limit for the Internet
          5. The 4G Mobile Internet That’s Already There
      2. Web 2.0 triggers my nausea and Web 3.0 ain't fixing it
      3. I didn't really enjoy Web 2.0 like everyone else did. Web 3.0 looks worse.
    2. Because anyone can:
      1. Multiverse
      2. Fediverse.Party - explore federated networks
      3. Status Cafe
      4. Smol Pub
      5. Bear Blog
      6. Neocities - Tutorials
      7. HOTGLUE.ME :: unique tool for web publication & samizdat
      8. https://growyourown.services/
      9. Internet Manifestos (yesterweb.org)