Slow Life

  • I tried to make a savory pancake. Simliar to scallion pancake. But using a lot of the mung beans that I recently sprouted. The first attempt seems like something my mom would like so I saved it. The second thing the batter did not properly cook so I tossed it. Then I ate yogurt and granola.
  • I think I need to fry the mung beans and scallions first. I might also get some sort of protein to put in there to balance things out like fake crab meat.
  • The tip of having snacks to eat so that if cooking experimentation goes wrong has been life changing. Its easier to cook knowing even if I mess it up I will still eat.
  • I walked to the closest Little Free Library. I even put in a few books that look nicer and newer than the current selection so they will probably go in about 6 months. XD
  • I did not find anything I wanted, but I really enjoyed the walk.
  • However after I felt really depressed and napped. I don't know why. :(
  • I made a black bean soup kind of thing. It was really good with tortilla chips. I need to really knock the salt down and maybe add some more veggies like corn, tomatoes and peppers but its a really solid base for a basic, filling meal. I have a bunch of tortialla too so I wonder if I could put it in a wrap if I'm not feeling soupish?

Reading Plans for May

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Translateathon Round 6

Negativity and whining

I like Mastodon 90% of the time but constant posting about Ukraine/Russia triggers my anxiety. I end up spiraling. I still feel a bit heavy in my heart. This was supposed to be fun. But its not.

I feel super disconnected. I've always struggling connecting with people But its getting to me now. For some reason I have a fear of dying and no one knowing, but in the grand scheme it doesn't matter. I wish I could get over it. I think deep down I wish I mattered more but I'm not particularly charismatic or likeable. I try to remind myself 'keep going for all of the fans you don't know about' but sometimes its hard.