ZineWriMo 2023 is here.

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I made a jam! 😲 I still kind of can't believe I had the guts to make it and that a bunch of people signed up.

Day 1 Prompt: Brainstorms & Thought Gardens - Come up with ideas for this month

Zine Highlight

screaming and screaming into the VOID

zine cover. Disembodied lips screaming out the zine title.

by Mia Milling, Published on October 7, 2022

This zine has the ultimate goal of dismantling audism in this very audio-centric world. Every words and every graphics were created by a Deaf Zinester.

This is a mostly black and white zine with a cut and paste aesthetic. We are treated to a variety of collages, essays and comics as well. As per the synopsis its a introduction into the trials and tribulations of deaf/hard of hearing folk, why sign language was banned, and not infantilizing disabled people. This zine is raw, accesible and educational. Check out the digital version on flipsnak.