More things?

The wind had been howling out there and I can't sleep. Its unnerving.

I recently watched Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes. Its the one starring Piccolo. He's my favorite character along with Gohan. I'm one of those millenials that grew up with Dragon Ball Z. So I really loved it. It was goofy and full of love. Some of the art/animation looked stiff but honestly it was surprisingly ok. The fights near the tail end of the movie were gorgeous and had a lot of aerial zooms that would kill 2d animators.

I've been reading a lot more. Recently I've wrapped up the Planetfall series by Emma Newman and am almost done with the Broken Earth Trilogy by NK Jemison. Both are well written but emotionally I liked the Planetfall series more.

And, now I'm all set with the Broken Earth Trilogy. The ending actually really improved it for me. I was a bit frustrated by Essun but I think the ending really brought it all together.