I've been reading a lot of zines from the ZineWriMo2023 event I ran. There's so many great zines submitted and even some people getting into zining for the first time. I feel really honored even though I didn't do much.

I've been bummed lately. Probably winter blues as if I'm in this mood, I go touch some grass (or beach sand) but its shitty and wet out or cold. I feel like I mindlessly consume to distract myself and I should like my condition? But often I have mild pain and a headache. Often I'm craving food I shouldn't eat. Often I'm trying not to think about if I can make it another year or not. I'm not that bad off, but it can always gete worse. I think I am staving off that fear. I have decades left and it feels difficult.

I left work early after getting the bulk of the important stuff done. I just couldn't sit there grinding on nothing for 6 hours but didn't want to leave my coworkers with a lot. I slept a lot so that was good, but now I can't sleep as there is a lot of construction work going on. 😐