Its been awhile. Nothing super serious. Winter blues got me and then I sunk myself into Dragon Quest 11.

  1. One - I joined blusky. I don't post, mostly lurk. Its ok. I bounce between it and Mastodon and seem to miss most of the worst stuff. I like Mastodon in terms of posting and having a space but I struggle to find accounts to follow.
  2. Two - Prude Magazine - is a Canadian based zine about reclaiming exploring the word prude, ethical sex-negativity, and sexual exploration/redifining that colors outside the lines.
  3. Three - Jam - Critical Distance Fansite Jam 2024 - A jam to make a website relating to gaming/being a fan of gaming. Ends March 31st.
  4. Four - Article - by Jude Doyle - I Don’t Care About Your Brand - Nex Benedict, Taylor Lorenz, and why trans trauma is not your goldmine.
  5. Five - Cool Link - Trans Reads - If you’re looking for texts by, for, or about people who transverse or transcend western gender norms, you’re in the right place! Trans Reads is the world’s largest collection of free trans-focused literature. We offer a wide variety of books, essays, zines, chapters, articles, and more!