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Hiveworks Comics

south indies text & music publishing -- bill direen texts & songs


Aqueduct Press

Ace Week - Virtual Book Display - Research Guides at Swem Library, William & Mary (

Store — Abalone Mountain Press

Food/Health – Your Resource for Low Sodium Diets

Neera's Salt Free Products Provide a Healthy Alternative For You


Early Collaborative Games of Fantasy and Imagination


Interactive Fiction ( - Create and play text adventure games

Night House (

TORN - Online RPG game - Free text based game

Top games tagged Text based - (some, depends on the browser based tag)

Top Mud Sites - MUD and RPG Rankings - Mud Database, RPG & MUD Forums, MUD Articles, MUD Reviews

Achaea | The world's leading MUD and Text-Based RPG Game

RetroMUD | Free Online Roleplaying Game (MMORPG) | It's not just a game, it's an attitude

Iron Realms Entertainment – Iron Realms is the world's leading creator of MUDs.

Choice of Games LLC

Twine / An open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories (

Top games tagged text-adventure and Twine -

sub-Q Magazine


Good News Today

Good News Network

Positive News

Global Good News

The South Asian stories you need to know | The Juggernaut

Robert Kingett – A fabulously gay blind author. (

The Progressive — A voice for peace, social justice, and the common good -

Pipe Wrench no. 7, Summer 2022 - The Nonbinary Issue (

Scalawag – Reckoning with the South – Scalawag (

The Appeal – The Leading Source for Art News & Art Event Coverage

vssCollab: a Twitter based flash-fiction challenge (

History of Yesterday

HeritageDaily - Archaeology News

Artnet News | The Global Art Market Newswire

Rookie (


Notion Website Hosting Pricing: how much does it cost?

Ultimate Raspberry Pi Home Server : 30 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables

Raspberry Pi 400 - Complete Kit -

ScienceDaily: Your source for the latest research news

SciTechDaily - Science, Space and Technology News 2022

New Scientist | Science news and science articles from New Scientist

Science news, expert analysis, covid coronavirus research, space tech

Live Science: The Most Interesting Articles, Mysteries & Discoveries

Engadget | Technology News & Reviews

Tree of Life Web Project

Spyware Watchdog

MIT Technology Review - News and Articles on Science and Technology

ClimateCultures - creative conversations for the Anthropocene - exploring cultural responses to environmental change


Search Engines and Tools

Slow Web/Personal Sites/Personal Blogs

The Marginalian – Marginalia on our search for meaning.

Moderate Sketchyness (

Hugo Book Club Blog


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Our Voices – Oro Editions – Publishers of Architecture, Art, and Design

What is Indigenous Futurism? - Center for Architecture

Indigenous Futurisms – InVisible Culture (


Futurist - Wikipedia

Store — Abalone Mountain Press

Indigenous Futurisms: Transcending Past/Present/Future > Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA)

Skawennati’s AbTeC Island Is an Indigenous Community in Second Life –


Awakened (2016)

The Burden of Being (2020), directed by Rodrick Pocowatchit

The Path Without End (2011), directed by Elizabeth Aileen LaPensée

The 6th World (2012), directed by Nanobah Becker

Wakening (2014) and Night Raiders (2021), directed by Danis Goulet

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Open source, experimental, and tiny tools roundup

AmplitudeJS: Design your web audio player, the way you want. (

HTML Table Generator Online (

Best Hip Hop Beats and Movie Soundtracks (


the sound of a fingernail scraping against teeth (

The Realm Fantastique (

Draggian Universe (

CritterPrince Toys (



cellmate's Website

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okaynana (

Welcome to Fat Liberation Archive - Fat Liberation Archive (

ACM Digital Library

Watch Dark Winds Season 1 Online | AMC

Modernist Journals | (

Caribbean books for sale-the best in childrens' books and books for adults (

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The Sick Land: Last day - My favorite blog story.

CaFFeTaNiC (


How some big grocery chains help ensure that food deserts stay barren (

How Central American migrants helped revive the U.S. labor movement (

Best Privacy Tools in 2022: Software Alternatives

African BioGenome Project – Genomics in the service of conservation and improvement of African biological diversity

Biodiversity Heritage Library (

Inhabitmedia -

Optopia - A Solarpunk Zine (

Reckoning – creative writing on environmental justice

Stellar ideas, Earth-focused stories ⋆ Stelliform Press

To Other Worlds – SFF book reviews, recommendations, and more (

Read Indigenous Dark Fiction! (

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The Anarchist Library | The Anarchist Library

Native America Calling

Vintage Everyday

Gesturing Towards Decolonial Futures

I-Collective (

The Decolonial Atlas (

Local videos -


Co-op Creator - Business Resources for Co-operative (

ArtistMarciaX, Chicago-Film-Installation-Performance Artist

OutKast People Nation (

Institute for Social Ecology - Popular Education for a Free Society (

vesper (

How the Internet Became Straight | The MIT Press Reader

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The 88x31 GIF Collection | Part 1 (

AJ's Ferret GIF Archive (

*NaNcY*'s Cat Animation Gallery (

Kiwix lets you access free knowledge – even offline

Quadkadical - a puzzle site

Reading Project


be gay do crime

Nothing Radical

GLBT Historical Society (

The Open Video Project - Development Site (

GNU MediaGoblin (

Robert Kingett – A fabulously gay blind author. (

STINNEY DISTRO | Against Adult Supremacy (

From Staple To Spine: A Compendium of Zine-related Books

MAJOR! - Home (

Feminist Writing: The La Luz Journal 1980 by Juana Maria Paz - Lesbian Separatist - Herstory Archives - womyn's land - OWL Farm (

"The La Luz journal" (1980 edition) | Open Library

Iron Circus Comics – Strange and Amazing

Raichiu's Riddle - Another Wacky Podge Riddle-Puzzle Game


the digital diarist | alicia neptune

Frisout's Corner

Mend My Dress Press — Home (

The Obsidian Mirror: An Adult Healing from Sexual Abuse: Wisechild, Louise M, Davis, Laura: 9781497395329: Books

Twin Cities Collage Collective – Connect through Collage

Read a F*cking Zine: 50 Zines by Queer People of Color | Autostraddle

CARAVANA: Mobilizing Central American Art (1984–Present) - SOMArts

Black Artist Database

zines and things - literary zine press and portland zine team

Home - Gaysi (

The Chinky Homo Project And Everything You Need To Know About It - Gaysi (

The Chinky Homo Project, Author at Feminism in India

THE CHINKY HOMO PROJECT – Digital Queer Anthology of Northeast India (

Indigenous Action Media

Home | Mi Casita Press

Buy Minnesota Wild Rice, Maple Syrup and Native American gifts – Native Harvest Ojibwe Products, a subdivision of White Earth Land Recovery Project

nerds of a feather, flock together (

(3) Koisenu Futari - a new Japanese show about two AroAces! : asexuality (

HighWater Press | Portage & Main Press/HighWater Press (

Reading Black Futures: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror by Black authors

ABOUT — Ghost City Press

Salon Futura – Cheryl Morgan's Fanzine

Atlas Obscura - Curious and Wondrous Travel Destinations


Mira Ong Chua shop – miraongchua

Matthew Goodwin - Work (

NAFSA::Native American Food Sovereignty Alliance | Native American Food Sovereignty Alliance (

Hello Zine (

Introducing khōréō » khōréō (

A world that isn't so far away, yet at the same time is miles away. It's in this world that our story takes place. Our main character is a guy named Barry. Barry is a fairly normal guy. He follows all the rules of his futuristic society, or so he'd like you to think...

Digital Gardening for Non-Technical Folks (

Speculatively Queer

Blog – Rogan Shannon

Flashbak - Everything Old Is New Again

Earring Magic Ken - Wikipedia

Scarfolk Council

Caper in the Castro : CM Ralph : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Red Planet Books and Comics - Unleash Your Indigenous Imagination (

Home - LALT (

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Charlie Birch Zines – perzines by a disabled queer nonbinary femme (

Amazofuturism and Indigenous Futurism in Brazilian Science Fiction (

Home - Haven Speculative

Native Voices Books | Traditional & Contemporary Native Books

The Deadbeat Poets Zine (

Abalone Mountain Press

ZIMO | #ZineMonth2022

pickle witch

Home | Canto Cutie Art & Literature Zine (

Zines I want to get:

Puddletown Masc, Issue #1–PHYSICAL zine (

starly art studio

I want to use this zine maker but I'm not sure how...

Zine machine! (

More TTRPG Thoughts:

2d6 – the original tabletop role playing dice mechanic – Wanderer Bills Journal (

DiME: Diceless rules, number-based (

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Epic Gallery: 150 Years Of Lesbians And Other Lady-Loving-Ladies | Autostraddle

I started playing the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, digitial version. Its pretty fun, though can feel a bit samey. Not sure if that is the digital version. Here are some custom adventures.

Welby Bumpus House of Wonders

Top physical games tagged PbtA -

The Deep Dark by WolfWyzard (

SideQuests: Escape From The Neverwoods - SideQuests |

Beginners Bundle for 5th Edition (Levels 1-3) [BUNDLE] - Fumble Folks |

Arcana Academy by Jordan Palmer (